Begin your appetite in a non-typical hotel restaurant serving the best seafood in town, while enjoying the sea view. "Lepa" means the traditional boat of the original residents in Semporna. It represents the culture of this place. That is very important for us to keep our facilities up-to-date while still keeping the original taste of Semporna. Try either western or eastern food will give you a taste of Semporna. Our surrounding environment will never disappoint you and your guests. Treat the one you love or care in this cool place.

Bring your empty stomach with you when you are visiting Seafest Hotel. Anjung Lepa is our open-air outlet that mainly serves local traditional Malay food & charcoal grill seafood. Great Satay too! Try the Semporna style!

Ready for some fun time? Check out our new location! Best of the best with maximum relaxation and fun.


Seafest Complex Jln. Kastam
P.O Box 125, 91308 Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia

+60 (89) 782333 (P) +60 (89) 782555 (F)